Volume 8, Issue 4

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Labour Day Poll - National Post - Le Journal de Montréal

What are Canada's "Labourers" Really Thinking This Labour Day?

Watch The National Post and Le Journal de Montréal for the 2008 "State of the Unions" project. National Post - Saturday and Tuesday, Le Journal - Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. Both papers will feature the Nanos Research random representative telephone survey of 1000 employed Canadians.

Surprising critic of card check certification

Leading Democrat and former Presidential candidate George McGovern vs union leaders.

"We cannot be a party that strips working Americans of the right to a secret-ballot election. We are the party that has always defended the rights of the working class. To fail to ensure the right to vote free of intimidation and coercion from all sides would be a betrayal of what we have always championed."
Click here to read the Wall Street Journal, August 8, 2008

Give Air Canada Pilots Their Due

John Mortimer - Financial Post, June 27, 2008

It has the makings of a joke: What do you get when you combine an airline in trouble, two pilots' unions, an unfair first crack at settling seniority issues that favoured one side, a subsequent attempt that victimized the other and a Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) ruling ignored by an arbitrator, but that the CIRB did nothing about? There's no funny punchline. But the answer is: You get Air Canada.
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