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LabourWatch Materials Posted in Workplace - No Unfair Filed

John Mortimer
President, Canadian LabourWatch Association

Recently we learned about very extensive posting and distribution of our materials by an employer during a union organizing campaign.

An Ontario employer had learned about our website from the Retail Council of Canada when they were facing a Teamster's campaign at one of their workplaces.

The employer asked their lawyer, Michael Sherrard of Sherrard Kuzz to review the website and together they decided to do a number of things to ensure that their employees, as stakeholders in the company, had a fuller picture than the Teamsters were presenting.

So, they did the following:

  • Wrote the website address on white boards.
  • Posted the LabourWatch download of forms and instructions for cancelling a union card.
  • Posted the LabourWatch FAQ's - about 10 pages.
  • Handed out the FAQ's and cards cancellation download to interested employees at information meetings.

The Teamsters did not file an Unfair Labour Practices complaint with the OLRB for such communication activities which were well known to their organizers.

The Teamsters did not in the end even file an application for certification because they were not able to generate enough support to file for a vote.

At LabourWatch we believe that employees have a right to good and complete information. We also believe that employees have a responsibility to make an informed and free decision because each individual decision affects all employees in the workplace.

We believe that employees are key stakeholders in the organizations that they choose to work for. It is not right to expect unions to give employees the full picture and we believe that employers should help employees find the rest of the information they need and can't get from the union.

We are very pleased that employers and lawyers are making increasing use of LabourWatch in so many different ways.

New French Site Address

Webmaster, Canadian LabourWatch Association

Growing interest in Quebec led us to identify a name and internet address:

While we always had some French content, we worked with Lavery, de Billy – our Quebec Content Advisors to significantly increase the amount of translated content on the website and we are most appreciative of their efforts.

New Website Design

Webmaster, Canadian LabourWatch Association

After two years it was time to upgrade the functionality and look of the site and that work has now been completed.

The site also has new sections:

  • Decisions – from Labour Boards
  • Letters – from and to people about our site
  • Polls – about unions in Canada

The look is far more energetic, easier to navigate and always know where you are and we have received very positive feedback so far.

Please visit:

We are also preparing to add construction industry content to reflect the differences in law for construction employees and other users.

New Members

Stephen Kushner
Director, Canadian LabourWatch Association
President, Merit Contractors Association, Alberta

Three more law firms have become members:

  • Parlee McLaws – Alberta
  • Burnett Duckworth Palmer – Alberta
  • Simpson Wigle – Ontario

Full contact information appears on the site and the Board is pleased to welcome them and appreciated their support.


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