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Employer’s Lawyer Advises Use of Memo to Send Employees to LabourWatch

John Mortimer
President, Canadian LabourWatch Association

Earlier this year we heard about a Vancouver lawyer advising clients to refer employees to us. Keith Murray of Harris & Company was drafting memos for employers whose BC employees were about to vote in a certification or decertification situation. The key paragraph reads in one example: “

Before making your decision, it is important to get as much information as you can on this issue. We want everybody to make an informed choice, free of pressure from either the company or the union. A website devoted to answering employee questions on this issue can be found at The union does not have a website . . . but you can visit the Labour Board’s website at . . . where you can find a guide to the Labour Code.”

Of course the memo deals with a number of other matters. In each case Keith has used these, except one, the union has lost the vote. In no case was the memo the subject of an Unfair Labour Practices complaint at the BC Board. Harris & Company became the first Friend of LabourWatch funding law firm and helped start a project.

Board Member Changes

Stephen Kushner
Secretary, Canadian LabourWatch Association and President, Merit Contractors Association of Alberta

Monika Simon, CEO, Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores retired from CACDS and stepped down from our Board. A founding Board Member, we will miss her rigorous approach to everything we did. We wish her well in retirement.

Peter O’Brien, Vice President Atlantic Canada for the CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business) has joined the Board. We welcome his experience as a former Member of the Nova Scotia Labour Relations Board. Now our Board covers the country from coast to coast.

Membership Up 6 in First Four Months of 2002

Webmaster, Canadian LabourWatch Association

We started in November of 2000 with 6 Member Associations and 8 Law Firms as Content Advisors. Last year 9 more Associations and 1 Content Advisor joined us. We welcome:

  • FCPMC – Food & Consumer Products Manufacturers of Canada

A new development, is Law Firms joining as financial contributors and listing on the site.

Employee Advisors:

  • Harris & Company, Vancouver
  • Chipeur Advocates, Calgary
  • McTague Law Firm, Windsor

Now employees have more access to counsel who may take them as clients.

Employer Advisors:

  • Baker & McKenzie, Toronto
  • Harris & Company, Vancouver
  • McTague Law Firm, Windsor
  • Sherrard, Kuzz, Toronto

Associations have asked us to increase the listings as well for their employer members looking for lawyers who are very experienced with Labour Relations matters.

In June we plan to travel across Canada to meet with over 40 other lawyers to discuss membership. You will find the full list of Members on our site. Our 2002 goal is to grow by at least 10 new Members and we will exceed that goal which is great news.

We thank everyone for their support and ask that you keep connecting us with other Associations and Law Firms you meet, know or partner with so that we continue to grow.


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LabourWatch advances employee rights in labour relations. We provide resources on unionization to help employees make informed choices. The Canadian LabourWatch Association is a federally-incorporated, non-profit founded in 2000. LabourWatch's membership includes law firms and industry associations across Canada that provide financial and voluntary professional support for the organization's activities. LabourWatch encourages employers, particularly, to use the website in consultation with a labour lawyer.

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